13th Ramadan 2021

13th Ramadan 2021

Ramadan day 13 2021/1442AH

“I do not pretend to be blameless, for man’s very soul incites him to evil unless my Lord shows mercy:” 12:53

In islamic theology the soul is split into three main types.

  • Nafs al-Ammara Bissu’ - the lower self that inclines towards evil or base desires
  • Nafs al-Lawwama - the self that blames & is conscious of its own imperfections and striving to be better
  • Nafs al-Mutma`inna - the contended soul, at rest/peace

Each of these has their place and their benefit in our lives. Much like modern psychology posits the ego, the id and the super ego. Our lives are a constant push and pull between these forces.

Nafs al Ammara Bissu’ - is the lowest level - just like a child inclining towards whatever is fun & easy. But without regard for what is beneficial holistically in the long term.

Nafs al-Lawwama - once we can calm the base desires and recognise what is bad for us. Reproaching oneself, we see when we slip. We aim instead for what is higher, wholesome and beneficial; for society, for ourselves and most pleasing to God.

Nafs al-Mutma`inna - the contended soul - well pleased with God’s plan and pleasing to him in its actions. This is the state we strive for, transcending lower desires — the soul is tranquil through obeying and being content with God’s plan.

May Allah allow us to achieve a higher state, to be happy with what he has decreed for us and give us strength and mercy to be better people every day 😌