15th Ramadan 2021

15th Ramadan 2021

Ramadan 2021 - Juz 15 - the path to peace

“This Qur’an does show the straightest way. It gives the faithful who do right the good news that they will have a great reward” 17:9

Sometimes we see religion reduced to being rules and regulations. In truth though Islam is the definitive path that allows the lover to find The Beloved.

All souls are brought into the world yearning for something, yearning for inner peace, yearning to return to the tranquility and love they felt before this life as souls existing with their Lord.

Islam lays out this path for us. In the straightest way, there is nothing better that a person can do that helps them draw closer to Allah and inner peace, other than the commitments - fard actions - of true Islam. (Free from modern political taints).

A way of life is laid out for us that builds us up and nurtures us. The five pillars themselves grow our:

  • Self-discipline through acts such as fasting.
  • Gratitude and remembrance of our creator through prayer.
  • Establishing good for society holistically through charity(zakat).
  • Accepting in our lives the oneness of God through the testimony of faith (shahadah).
  • Testifying to our commitment with our time and wealth through pilgrimage (Hajj).

Even when these things may seem like sacrifice or hardship, they end up being some of the mostly deeply satisfying acts we can perform as humans. Giving meaning to our lives while performing deeds of kindness and gratitude; imbued with a sense of purpose.