18th Ramadan 2021

18th Ramadan 2021

Ramadan 2021 - Juz 18 - perseverance

"We do not burden any soul with more than it can bear—We have a Record that tells the truth—they will not be wronged." — 23:62

Allah tells us categorically that he will not test us with more than we can endure. So why are we tested at all?

Similar to exercise or even personal growth. We need to push ourselves to grow. We push ourselves to our limits, to a level we didn’t think we could reach and in future that becomes a new normal for us.

We run a bit further than we’re used to, we persevere a bit longer than normal. And we see that in future it becomes much easier for us; it becomes normal to attain a level we previously didn’t even think we could get to.

Likewise when we’re pushed in life. It may feel hard but we grow because of it and need never lose hope.

If we’re going through a tough time, perhaps the end is just around the corner. Sometimes when things are a continual uphill struggle, it is a sign we need to change. Maybe we’re not in the right place for us right now.

Tests always point to something more positive, it’s our job to be patient and persevere. If we really want to be introspective, we should ask ourselves honestly: “What’s the benefit in this?”

Sometimes the strongest people are just those that have been through the most.