24th Ramadan 2021

24th Ramadan 2021

Ramadan 2021/1442AH - Juz 24 - Gratitude Mindset

“We have sent the Scripture down to you with the Truth for people. Whoever follows the guidance does so for his own benefit; whoever strays away from it does so at his own peril.” — Qur’an 39:41

Guidance is only for our own benefit. It provides us the answers to the big questions in life (and the small ones); guides us to be more grateful for everything we have; to be more comfortable and secure knowing that tests come and go; and to understand that everything has a plan and that it all works out okay in the end.

“Amazing are the ways of a believer for there is good in every matter of his; and this is not the case for anyone except the believer. If something good happens to him, he is thankful (to God), and there is good for him in it. If he is befallen by some misfortune he endures it patiently and thus there is good in it for him also.” — Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)

How often can a good situation be turned into a bad situation just through a mindset of ingratitude? When we receive a gift or some food at a restaurant, instead of being thankful for how privileged we are, we look instead to something else on the menu, or some other present we could have receieved and think “Oh i wish I’d got that instead”, we foist sadness on ourselves through our own ingratitude. Don’t do this.

On the flip side how often can a bad situation be flipped on it’s head simply through a positive mindset. If something doesn’t seem to be going our way it’s easy to get frustrated, but if we stop for a minute and reflect on how much else is going right in our lives we can be grateful for how well things are going in perspective. If we’re patient and endure, with trust in a larger plan, we will see that things soon turn around and our situation improves. When we’re going through winter, spring is just around the corner.