25th Ramadan 2021

25th Ramadan 2021

Ramadan 2021 / 1442AH - Juz 25 - Celebration

“Whenever We are gracious to man, he goes away haughtily, but, as soon as harm touches him, he turns to prolonged prayer.” 41:51

Ramadan has been a month of fasting, abstinence from food, drink and bad deeds throughout the day. Breaking our fast with dates, water and prayer. This often continues after dinner with night prayers and increased reading and reflection through the night.

What happens after Ramadan? For many of us things will tail off, waiting until next Ramadan or until we’re going through something hard before we pray again sincerely and longingly, hoping for reward and ease.

Our lives naturally fluctuate between ups and downs, highs and lows, winter and summer. Every season has its place in our cycle and we react accordingly. During tough times it’s natural to seek help and to turn to God out of our need. In our good times we should also be cognisant of where it all comes from, what made us deserving of such favours?

Our successes are generally a result of some “lucky” break, or the unique circumstances we were blessed enough to be born into. Many of us consider it to come from our ability to work hard, but even that is another blessing given to us. In truth we are always in need, we can never truly say that we were in control of our success or comfort.

Let us give thanks for what we have in our lives, or even for what hardship we have avoided. We never know which little blessings are helping us along our way. Even seemingly simple things, like waking up in the morning with our faculties — a back that doesn’t ache and hands that work — is a blessing we can be thankful for. We seek to cultivate a positive mindset in all we do, doing things for His sake and requesting His aid through it all, big or small, challenging or trivial, testing or peaceful.

“Whoever does good, We shall increase it for him; God is most forgiving and most appreciative.” 42:23