28th Ramadan 2021

28th Ramadan 2021

Ramadan 2021 / 1442 AH - Juz 28 - Beautiful names

“He is God: there is no god other than Him, the Controller, the Holy One, Source of Peace, Granter of Security, Guardian over all, the Almighty, the Compeller, the Truly Great; God is far above anything they consider to be His partner. He is God: the Creator, the Originator, the Shaper. The best names belong to Him. Everything in the heavens and earth glorifies Him: He is the Almighty, the Wise.” — Qu’ran 59:23

"The most beautiful names belong to Allah: so call on him by them." Qur'an 7:180

We call upon Him by His names, seeking His help and guidance. Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) said, "Allah has ninety-nine Names, one-hundred less one; and he who memorised them all by heart will enter Paradise."

We can seek to know these names through books, even recitations, litanies and nasheeds that enumerate and praise the 99 names. Also known as the "Asma ul-husna".

Knowing and reflecting on these names is not just about memorisation but a way to learn about the attributes of Allah. Reflecting on them and being in awe of him through his beautiful and majestic traits. Through this we seek to draw closer to him; and to be in constant remembrance of him in different aspects of our daily lives.

Our knowledge can never fully encompass his infinite perfection but through his divine names we can hope at least to begin to understand it. Through knowing his attributes of mercy, such as "The Most Gracious", "The Ever Forgiving", "The Giver of Honour", "The Just", "The Grateful" (and many more) we can aspire to better ourselves through inculcating some of these attributes into our own character insha’Allah.