29th Ramadan 2021

29th Ramadan 2021

Ramadan 2021/1442AH - Juz 29 - Rizq

"We have tried them as We tried the owners of a certain garden, who swore that they would harvest its fruits in the morning and made no allowance [for the Will of God]: a disaster from your Lord struck the garden as they slept and by morning it was stripped bare, a desolate land." — 68:17

We never know where our sustenance may come from, we think we have it all in the bank, but out of the blue we may get hit with an unexpected tax-return, an extra bill we need to pay, some additional expense. Insha’Allah none of the above or worse!

When times are flush it is important to be thankful to the one that provided us with all we have and to be cognisant of where it came from. Our rizq (sustenance) is only from Him, pre-ordained. It may not come in the form we expect but it will come in the form we need in the way that’s good for us.

Never fear, just as the prophets were tested before us, so He will test each and every one of us, but never more than we can bear. In tests we are patient and trust in His process. In good times we avoid haughtiness and we avoid attributing success to ourselves. We thank Him for everything we have, it’s all from Him and we are blessed from his love and mercy.