6th Ramadan 2021

6th Ramadan 2021

Day 6 Ramadan 2021 / 1442AH

“God does not wish to place any burden on you; He only wishes to cleanse you and perfect His blessing on you, so that you may be thankful.” Quran 5:6

Islam isn’t meant to be hard; it’s the way to achieve peace and contentment in this life and the next. Islam is about living a contented life in accord with what Allah has decreed, acting as a good person, striving to be kind to others.

This isn’t always easy or trivial and sometimes requires us to push ourselves but ultimately it’s meant to make us better people, better custodians of the Earth, living in submission to God.

Just as fasting in Ramadan requires us to push ourselves physically, it’s never more than we can bear (or we’d be excused from it). But we do it for the sake of Allah alone and we hope to gain his pleasure and grow spiritually through it.

“God guides to the ways of peace those who follow what pleases Him, bringing them from darkness out into light, by His will, and guiding them to a straight path.” 5:16