7th Ramadan 2021

7th Ramadan 2021

Day 7 Ramadan 2021/1442 - gratitude

“Eat the lawful and good things that God provides for you. Be mindful of God, in whom you believe.” 5:87

Through fasting we experience such happiness when we finally break our fast in the evening. It reminds us that all goodness, food and provision is from Allah.

Just as we only eat at sunset, because that’s when Allah has ordained the fast to end, every other day we have been blessed enough to have a full meal, was a blessing ordained for us by God.

He provides and blesses us with everything we have (and don’t have) whether that be friends, family, felicity, food, funding, and much more.

Through Ramadan we hope to build mindfulness of this and to maintain gratitude always 💛