8th Ramadan 2021 (part2)

8th Ramadan 2021 (part2)

Ramadan 2021 juz 8- part 2

“But those who believe and do good deeds—and We do not burden any soul with more than it can bear—are the people of the Garden and there they will remain.” 7:42

One of my favourite verses. He might test us close to our limits but never past our limits, and therein lies personal growth. Through challenges and successfully overcoming those challenges.

We remain patient and our reward is with Allah.

And if things don’t workout the way we wanted them to, we remember they worked out the way He wanted them too and he has something better in store for us.

As the adage goes “when one door closes another door opens”, how often do we see in our lives that the new door is actually better than the first dooor we were trying to go through 🤔🚪