Hi I'm Tawfiq 👋 welcome!

I work as a software+data engineer based in London. I previously studied Mathematics & Computer Science at Oxford.

In my free time, I'm into photography & travel. You can find more of my photos on Instagram (@tawfiqh) 📸.  As you might have guessed from my blog I'm interested in Arabic and Islamic sciences & currently pursuing an Alimiyyah programme with Al-Salam institute.

I'm interested in spirituality and well-being. My writing focusses on how we can use our rich spiritual tradition to help better ourselves in our prayer; as well as in our own overall mental, emotional and spiritual well-being insha’Allah.

I generally write about well-being in a spiritual context, but also share my thoughts on what this means with respect to careers, tech and economics.

I always enjoy meeting new people so if anything I've written has resonated with you or you're looking for advice or opportunities to collaborate, feel free to reach out!

Instagram 📸: http://instagram.com/tawfiqh/

Twitter 🦆:https://twitter.com/tawfiqhamid

LinkedIn 🦄:https://www.linkedin.com/in/tawfiq-hamid-3341a971/

Github 🐙:  https://github.com/tawfiqh/

Other projects: